Our Games and Technology

We aim to deliver new and challenging strategy games for the "Hardcore Family Guy".

By that we mean old school gamers that now have family, jobs, children and love hardcore statrategy games but don't have a lot of free time for gaming.

The choices given to "Harcore Family Guys" these days are limited, which is why we are trying to bridge the gap with our games.

Why do we care about this player group? Because we are hardcore family guys ourselves!


Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Turn-Based RPG

Space Hulk

Digital Boardgame TBS

Frontline Tactics

Modern warfare TBS

Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising

Zombie survival TBS

Monster Ball

60'ies Horror Comic TBS

Smack Boxing

Fast and Fun Comic Boxing

Smack Hockey

Air Hockey With Guns!


Multitouch Arcade Zapper


Multitouch Arcade Zapper


TX Engine

Our TBS/RTS Framework

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