Jagged Alliance: Flashback is now under development

Upon succesfully being funded on Kikcstarter, we have startet developing Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The game is going to be based on the cult classics Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2. The game is set in the early 90’s at the end of the Cold War and therefore takes place before the original titles. Jagged Alliance is a digital turn based strategy game with cheesy jokes and 80’s styled one-liners, intense tactical combat in an open world environment and various RPG elements.

The game is developed in close cooperation with the community and there is a high focus on modding abilites for users, which is also why we plan to make an editor availabl for all to use. The game is set to launch on PC, Mac and Linux and will be localized to English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

You can find much more information about Jagged Alliance: Flashback on the official website www.jaggedallianceflashback.com