TX Engine Logo

Core technology framework for TBS and RTS style games utilizing Unity 3D game engine and SmartFoxServer to allow fast creation of these types of games.

The TX Engine framework consist of several separate DLL files that can be included/excluded as needed for different game types.

Main Features


  • Message bus
  • State machine
  • Configuration
  • Logging

Player Profiles

  • Player profile slots
  • Save / load game states

User Interface

  • Core UI system
  • UI Components
  • Screen group abstraction
  • UI FX manager
  • Platform independent input manager


  • Achievement UI
  • Achievement datamodel
  • Trackers (using messaging)
  • Achievement sync with Game Center


  • Ambient audio mood system
  • Audio sound channel system for Unity3d


  • Story script datamodel
  • Story events
  • Story execution system
  • Panel animation system


  • Decision AI
  • A* pathfinding
  • Grid aware

Combat System

  • Network aware action/response system
  • Networked combat system
  • Hex/tile grid
  • Faction/team/unit/weapon/item datamodel
  • Random item drop system
  • Unit/weapon animation manager

Level Creators

  • Level datamodel
  • Visual tile editor
  • Visual metadata editor
  • Random level generator