Monster Ball

Monster Ball is a turn based strategy game that builds on the simplicity of checkers without getting as complex (*ehm* and boring) as chess.

The rules are simple!

Big guys eat smaller guys and grow bigger. But watch out! Once greed takes over and you grow too large, you will explode into 1000 pieces scattering the neighbours with green goo.

Find the right balance, take tactical advantage of the myriad of special tiles like splitters, clone machines and bazookas and you will be victorious with a big, sarcastic smile on your lips.

Monster Ball plays across platforms, so you can sit at school on your PC or Mac and battle your friend on his iPhone on the bus. Tired of the 10+ maps that ship with the game? Simply download some new ones!

Welcome to the world of nasty green monster balls!

  • Fight to dominate the bedroom floor in the most intense and humorous turn based game of the year.
  • The game has two game modes - annihilation and capture the base.
  • Battle on more than 10 different maps in full 3d glory, and download additional maps free of charge.
  • Tons of special tiles to help you (or not!) to achieve victory in the most humorous way possible.
  • Single player, Head-to-head or competitive online multiplayer action!
  • Unlockable trophies for obliterating your foes in amusing ways.
  • Online multiplayer is compatible between iPhone, PC and Mac version!